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SKU: PRT6905


Elevate your outfit with our ultra chic and compact mini coin purse 

Kiss-lock closure
Two extra pockets at front and back
Premium lining
Size: 5.5" W X 3.75" H X 2.5" D
Made of vegan leather. Exclusive NL print. Kiss-lock closure. Two extra pockets at front and back with flap top and snap closure. NL nameplate at front.

Leather Coin Purses By Ameise

Are you tired of carrying around your large purses everywhere? Do you want to know the practical and organised way to keep your money? We have just got something for you! Our women's leather coin purse can store all your coins and other tiny elements you need to take everywhere. Often we have to carry big bags or purses just to go out to the street and that can be uncomfortable and even unnecessary. For this reason, Ameise launched their leather coin purse collection in Australia to assist women with easy carrying, well-kept, and completely accessible coins. Our coin purse is quite versatile and used for any type of bag to store those loose change that is lost in our large accessories.

Women's Coin Purses With a Variety of Shapes

You might have a variety of bags that are large or small and come with geometric shapes or non-geometric shapes. Sometimes, not all can save or let alone organise your loose changes. So, how can you manage to keep your loose changes organised? By using our coin purses with smaller sizes! Here at Ameise, you will find a great range of coin purses with different shapes and designs.

Choose our classic and comfortable square coin purses for your daily use. If you need these small purses to carry in a party bag, our rounded or oval coin purses are best for you! What more? We also store coin purses with several compartments so you won’t miss anything.

Buy Small Coin Purse At Ameise

At Ameise, we will never be short of women's small coin purses, wallets, and bag fabricated to offer you comfort and fashion. We offer you a great range of purses with different shapes, sizes, and colours; so that you can choose the one that best fits your likes.

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