What Shoes To Wear With Jeans (Women's Style Guide)

Jeans are a fashion essential and a go-to wardrobe staple for any occasion - from a casual stroll and corporate event to cocktail parties and date nights. Whether you are heading to the office on a casual Friday, the club for a pint, or a weekend cocktail party, jeans can blend well with any occasion. 

Despite being basic clothing essential, jeans add a unique and stylish touch to your outfit. The versatility of such a pair of pants is unmatched! 

However, to nail any casual, smart casual, and semi-formal look with jeans, you need to choose the right pair of shoes. Footwear plays a crucial role in elevating and completing the entire look of your outfit. 

From women's silver shoes to navy blue leather shoes, the footwear you tend to choose with your jeans will significantly impact your overall outfit. Regardless of the occasion, it is essential to choose the right pair of shoes to wear with women's jeans.

We have created this helpful guide to help you set the right combination and make the perfect choice when selecting the right pair of shoes with jeans for different occasions.

Women’s Shoes To Wear with Jeans

Pairing the appropriate footwear with jeans should be standard practice among women. From skinny jeans, baggy, ripped, to mom jeans, you will indeed find a pair of shoes that will fit your outfit choice, adapt to your personality, mood, style, and fashion taste. 

Whether you are at a work meeting or going on a short trip with your friends, footwear will elevate your outfit and create a unique impression of style.

However, there are some critical rules to follow when pairing jeans with footwear. Here are a few "must follow" rules when wearing jeans + shoes:

Ankles On The Show

Whether you choose to wear skinny jeans or ripped jeans, always make sure your ankles are visible. You can also make an inner double fold at the bottom or use shorter jeans than usual ones.

Hem At The Bottom

While wearing a pair of nude sandals or stilettos for any formal event, make sure you use a hem at the bottom that separates the jean to highlight the footwear.

Nude Sandals For Nightlife or Business Meeting

Nude sandals offer an extraordinary appeal which makes them best for night outings or casual occasions. You can also choose to wear them for casual business meetings.

Combinable Colours

Buy combinable colour shoes that quickly go with any jeans type. For instance, you can consider using classic colours, such as black, brown, or dark blue for whitewash skinny jeans. By doing so, you can reuse your shoes in the best way possible. 

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Shoes That Goes With Jeans

Let's check out different jeans types that will go with the different shoes.

1. Straight-Leg Jeans with Chunky Dad Sneakers

Straight-leg jeans with chunky dad sneakers can be your new everyday outfit combo. The straight cut jeans with visible ankles and contrast chunky dad leather sneakers will offer a stylish, comfy look. 

2. High-Waist Jeans with Statement Heels

Pairing high-waisted jeans with statement heels - the latest style addition to your closet! The figure-hugging high rise jeans outline your curve, while statement heels add style to your outfit. Consider wearing light or dark wash high-waist denim jeans with elegant statement heels.

3. Flared Jeans with Heeled Booties

Ankle cut retro-inspired flared jeans with heeled booties offer you a stylish and elongated appearance. Flared jeans, also known as bell bottoms, are popular for providing a lengthening look, and heeled booties will add that extra height to complete your outfit. Pair heeled booties and flared jeans with classic colours, such as black, brown, or dark blue. 

4. Baggy Vintage Jeans with Walking Sandals

Popular from the early 1990s to the mid-2000s, the baggy vintage jeans trend is making a comeback. Only this time, fashion enthusiasts are switching from trainers to flat walking sandals. Pair a non-stretch high-rise or low-slung baggy vintage jeans with flat sandals to achieve a comfy look.

5. Skinny Jeans with Open-Back Shoes

The combination of skinny jeans with open-back shoes is gaining popularity in the fashion industry. The on-trend pairing offers an alluring, comfy, and stylish appearance to you. So, be sure to try this option at least once!

6. Ripped Jeans with Platform Loafers

Ripped jeans offer a lean casual appearance. To add elements and dress them up while wearing high heels, consider choosing platform loafers. Loafers are pretty popular among men as they offer comfy yet stylish appeal. 

The menswear-inspired shoe will create an equal balance with the casual distressed jeans, giving you a relaxed, laid-back appeal. Definitely a must-try jeans and shoe combo!

7. Slim-Fit Jeans with Chunky Boots

The chunky boots trend will never go out of style! The boot trends continue to be a popular look for autumn/winter 2021, guaranteeing you a timeless and chick look. Additionally, chunky boots are available in various styles - from lug-sole, solid block heel to laces. 

Apart from offering countless stylish possibilities, chunky boots are super comfortable and can withstand various weather conditions. Pairing them with slim-fit jeans, add your own unique touch or create a 90-inspired look. 

8. Boyfriend Jeans with Pointy Lace-Up Flats 

Lace-up flats are comfortable outdoor footwear. When paired with skin-tight jeans or boyfriend jeans, pointy lace-up flats add elegance to your outfit. The rubber sole and elastic ankle strap provide the utmost comfort to you while walking. 

Your feet will feel lighter even after wearing them for a whole day. The pointy look of the lace-up flat offers an elongated illusion to your outfit. Cuff the bottom of the boyfriend jeans and pair them with ballerina-style pointed flat shoes to create a vintage vibe. 

If you enjoy all the options mentioned above, then you will love our collection of women's casual shoes for jeans. Browse through our Ameise Fashion Coupon and extensive range of footwear, pair them with your favourite jeans, and let that outfit shine!

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